luckygames screenshot is a new online casino with a large selection of available cryptocurrencies to play with. In total, you can select from 72 assets and exchange between them easily. The provably fair system of makes playing secure and manipulation free. has a house edge of 1%, which is a very reasonable amount.

Play for free

Most noteworthy: On, you can play for free with their “LUCKY”-token. By default, you get 500 LUCKY-Tokens so you can use those to play just like with other cryptocurrencies and try out strategies. Those tokens don’t have a monetary value.

Limits has very low limits. The minimum bet is 1 Satoshi (e.g. 0.00000001 BTC/ETH/LUCKY/…). Therefore you benefit from being able to make lots of bets with a very small amount to minimize risk in long term bets.


To try out betting strategies, you can use their autoplay feature. You can adjust all necessary settings according to your needs and nothing is missing. You can accelerate the speed of the autoplay so you are in full control of your bets.


The most popular game on Luckygames is “Dice”. More info on this game can be found on the betting strategies site. luckygames statisticsYou can also play “Balls”, “Cells”, “Roulette” and “Hacker”. It’s fun to try those out as well.

Luckygames also offers a great statistics overview. As a result, you can always get a nice report over your wagered cryptocurrencies, your profit during a certain game and your total profit.

Security offers two-factor authentication to make your account secure. You are also required to set an e-mail address and password to your account to secure your funds. Also, you don’t have to provide your full name, address or anything else that keeps you from being anonymous.


Withdrawals and deposits of various cryptocurrencies work flawlessly. You get your very own address to deposit funds to. Withdrawals happen instantly at your request and are sent out very fast. You are given a transaction id to track it on a blockchain explorer.

Community and events

This crypto casino also offers a forum for its large community. Giveaways and contests are hosted here and you can participate easily. It’s also fun to use the chat during your games.

Mobile version offers a mobile version so you can play on your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Transparency through provably fair system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast & easy registration
  • Secure options (2FA)